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Patent Abstract
Dispensers for the controlled release of pest controlling agents and method for combatting pest therewith
Patent number: 4666767
Assignee: Herculite Protective Fabrics Corporation (New York, NY)
Inventors: Henry Von Kohorn (Greenwich, CT), Agisa F. Kydonieus (Kendall, NJ)

Articles of manufacture are disclosed for the controlled delivery of pest controlling substances. Methods for producing such articles and utilizing them in pest control programs are also described. Laminated articles are provided which comprise one or more layers containing active pest control and pest attractant substances and which allow the controlled release of the pest controlling substance from within the laminate to the surface of the laminate so as to maximize efficiency against target species in the surrounding environment. The laminated structure also permits prolonged, controlled release of pest controlling substances and properly timed combinations of such substances that might otherwise be prematurely dissipated, decomposed or inefficiently applied. Various combinations of polymers materials and active agents and a number of different laminated structures are utilized to optimize efficient use of the pest controlling substance against a variety of target species.